Residential Flooring that looks great with long-lasting durability.

We provide a complete range of epoxy flooring systems engineered specifically for residential areas.

Garage Flooring

SaniCrete provides different residential flooring system designed for each client. Below is an example of our quick 2-day process that we can start for you.


In order for our Epoxy system to bond to the existing substrate, SaniCrete diamond grinds the surface to expose the concrete.

This is the most crucial step in our Epoxy Process because failed preparation leads to failing floors.



The second step of the epoxy flooring process is filling joints and cracks with our thicker epoxy mix.
Seen in the photo, SaniCrete employees are fixing any dips or imperfections in the floor. Without this step, the finished product would not be "seamless"

Intermediate Coats

After patching is completed, the first coat of epoxy is applied. This SaniPrime layer holds the releasing gasses and further flatens the floor for a smooth top-coat


Finished Product

During the final coat, flakes are thrown to give the preferred appearance. To view our color list, see our product selection page.
Here's an example of a completed garage floor

SaniCrete manufactures & installs our own flooring products

We offer the latest technology available in today's flooring industry due to
our extensive in-house research and development.


SaniCrete has been manufacturing and installing its own proprietary brand of concrete flooring systems for many years. SaniCrete gives its clients a "one throat to choke" system by furnishing both material and human resources to each client project.



Our single-source flooring solution involves manufacturing and supplying the specified flooring system materials, site evaluation, and project installation. We educate and train our own installation teams to ensure proper application, which we then stand behind with our long-term no-hassle warranty.


The SaniCrete Difference

SaniCrete has been providing flooring solutions for over 25 years. We offer the highest quality products that are unmatched in the industry.


Clients are still happy with their floors 15 years later


Every installed floor has no seams where bacteria can produce

Large Selection

Over 60 colors and 20 textures to choose from

Satisfaction Guaranteed

SaniCrete guarantees quality flooring & customer satisfaction. We stand behind that guarantee by providing a 5 year warranty.

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