A Complete Range of Flooring Solutions

With over 25 years in the industry, our chemists have perfected each SaniCrete formula for excellent resitance to impact, abrasion, chemical attack and thermal shock.

"A Single-Source Solution"

SaniCrete formulates, manufactures, and installs our very own product line assuring clients satisfaction every step along the way.

Is your Facility Experiencing Common Floor Failures?

SaniPatch: a Fast and Easy, Do-it-Yourself Concrete Repair Kit

A Complete Range of Flooring Solutions

Our SaniCrete product line is specifically formulated to cater to each invidual client's needs. Whether the flooring is for a massive food processing facility, or just a household garage, we have the solution for you.

Sanitary flooring that exceeds all USDA, FDA, & HACCP guidelines

We provide a complete range of flooring systems and evaluation services ideally suited for the food and beverage industry.

Sanicrete is able to complete installations and return floors to operating status in 24-48 hours.


Industrial flooring.

SaniCrete provides different types of industrial flooring for each industry. We cater to each clients safety, sanitation and durability requirements while installing an aesthetically pleasing floor.
Our floors are customizable to each industry and are built to withstand heavy stress.

Residential Flooring.

SaniCrete offers epoxy flooring for homes that look great with long-term durability. We can turn your dull garage into something to be proud of. Epoxy and urethane floors are long-lasting, and very easy to maintain while staying within your budget.



SaniPatch is our concrete repair solution for the food and beverage industry.
SaniPatch will help you resolve

  • Unsafe pedistrian traffic
  • Hi-lo damage
  • Standing water
  • USDA/FDA fines or shutdowns from cracked surfaces
  • SaniCrete manufactures & Installs Our Own Flooring Products

    We offer the latest technology available in today's flooring industry due to
    our extensive in-house research and development.


    SaniCrete has been manufacturing and installing its own proprietary brand of concrete flooring systems for many years. SaniCrete gives its clients a "one throat to choke" system by furnishing both material and human resources to each client project.



    Our single-source flooring solution involves manufacturing and supplying the specified flooring system materials, site evaluation, and project installation. We educate and train our own installation teams to ensure proper application, which we then stand behind with our long-term no-hassle warranty.

    Our Customers

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    The SaniCrete Difference

    SaniCrete has been providing flooring solutions for over 25 years. We offer the highest quality products that are unmatched in the industry.


    Clients are still happy with their floors 15 years later


    Every installed floor has no seams where bacteria can produce

    Large Selection

    Over 60 colors and 20 textures to choose from

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    SaniCrete guarantees quality flooring & customer satisfaction. We stand behind that guarantee by providing a 5 year warranty.

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